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Zzie Reusable Mask, 1 unit

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Zzie Reusable Mask is a mask suitable for the general population, which does not belong to risk groups, for protection against the COVID-19 virus. It is made of 100% cotton fabric, and has a metal clip to fit the nose.
The mask is certified against COVID-19 by CITEVE - Level 2 for 25 washes.

Color Options:

1 - Light Pink
2 - Plain Black
3 - Navy Blue
4 - Black and Gold

Note: write in the order description the colour you want, according to available options.

Insert the metal clip into the slit on the colored band area. With the metal clip up, adapt and secure the mask to the face with the elastics behind the ears. Press the clip to adapt to the shape of the nose. Avoid touching the mask when using it.
Wash at 60ºC, removing the metal clip to wash. You can wash the mask up to 25 times while maintaining the filtration capacity.




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