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Nutraisdin Gel-Shampoo 200 ml + Moisturizing Lotion 200 ml + OFFER Panda Towel

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  • Shampoo - The bath is one of the most fun times of the day and the most important for your baby's skin care. Nutraisdin Bath is a gel-shampoo for daily hygiene of your baby's skin and hair. Its formula with very mild ingredients cleans, softens and protects your skin, respecting it and protecting your skin balance. Leaves the baby's skin feeling very hydrated and soft.


  • Moisturizing Lotion - Indicated for the fragile and delicate skin of the baby that needs hydration and intense protection, Nutraisdin Lotion will help maintain an optimal level of hydration and protect it from irritations. With a very light texture and quick absorption, you can dress it without problems and avoid the greasy effect. It hydrates intensively and protects against irritations, reinforcing the barrier function of the skin. Provides elasticity and smoothness to the skin due to its dexpanthenol content.

Apply Gel-Shampoo on wet skin and hair by gently massage to a lather. Rinse thoroughly. It is important to thoroughly dry the entire body, especially the folds. Then apply the whole body lotion, doing a gentle massage as often as necessary.

Dexpanthenol; Avocado Oil; Borage oil.




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