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Lierac Sébologie Stop Spots Concentrate, 15ml

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Sébologie Concentrate Stop Spots is the localized treatment for pimples and residual marks. Inspired by the aesthetic technique of purifying resurfacing, the Stop Spots Concentrate quickly reabsorbs the pimples and residual marks thanks to the active principles: astringent zinc gluconate, keratolytic salicylic acid, azelaic acid inhibitor of the development of bacteria responsible for the formation of pimples, and calamine powder antiseptic. This product has an active texture in two distinct phases (powder and liquid biphases) to maximize the synergistic effectiveness of each of them.

At night, apply the concentrate directly over the imperfection to be corrected by immersing a cotton swab in the vial to the powder. Avoid eye contour. Do not shake.

Zinc Gluconate; Salicylic acid; Azelaic Acid; Calamine powder.




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