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Lierac Homme Coffret: Anti-Fatigue,50ml + Gel Duche 3-em-1, 200ml + Déo 24H, 50ml

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Energizing Cream Gel, 50ml  

Very fresh, this gel-cream orange, contemplates energizing, energizing and moisturizing agents to keep the skin totally in shape.

  • Microalga, Ginseng and Caffeine - «energizing» action for an energized and toned skin.
  • High-tech pigments Bonne Mine Immediate action thanks to 'camouflage' pigments to instantly attenuate all signs of fatigue.
  • For a great feeling of well-being, this gel-cream has been enriched with refreshing agents and moisturizing glycerin.
  • + SKINPOWER5 new generation: cellular dynamizing complex consisting of 5 minerals and trace elements - Calcium, Zinc, Copper, Manganese (which enhances the efficacy of the active components present in the product).

3-in-1 Shower Gel, 200ml

A transparent, ultrafresh shower gel formulated with a washing base of vegetable origin, without soap, non-desiccant, for a gentle and aggressive cleaning, and with extracts of ginseng and guarana with stimulating and toning properties for an energizing action. Enriched in mint extract and a lemon essence for an intense freshness action, this care 3 in 1 vitality, tones and refreshes, in a single gesture, the face, body and hair.Ideal after sport, beach, etc.

Deo 24h Roll-On, 50ml

Thanks to a unique combination of active ingredients of natural origin, this deodorant regulates perspiration without blocking, and neutralizes the bacteria responsible for bad odors, for long-lasting protection and a feeling of intense freshness. Efficacy 24 hours, without stains and without residues.

Energizing Cream Gel, 50ml  

Apply morning and / or evening on clean skin. Ideal in the after shave.

3-in-1 Shower Gel, 200ml

Apply on moisted skin and hair. Emulsify. Pass through water.

Deo 24h Roll-On, 50ml

Apply the product directly to clean and dry armpits. The roll on applicator allows for easy application.

Energizing Cream Gel, 50ml  

Microalgae (3%); Ginseng and Caffeine (1%); High-tech pigments (1%); cooling agents; moisturizing glycerin; + SKINPOWER5 new generation (1%) - Calcium, Zinc, Magnesium, Copper.

3-in-1 Shower Gel, 200ml

Ultra-soft wash base; Glycerin; Vitamin B5; Ginseng Extract; Extract of Guarana; Skinpower5 complex.

Deo 24h Roll-On, 50ml

Vegetable Synergy Horsetail & Sage; Antiperspirant agents; Glycerin; Mint Extract; Lemon essence.




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