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LibraMed, 138 pills

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LibraMed is a clinically tested medical device that works thanks to Policaptil Gel Retard®, a patented complex of polysaccharide macromolecules resulting from Aboca research.


Policaptil Gel Retard® acts at the intestinal level forming a highly viscous gel that favors the control of the postprandial glycemic peak, reducing the amount and speed of absorption of carbohydrates (retard effect). This also determines a reduction in the feeling of hunger and postprandial drowsiness.

In addition, its mechanism limits the absorption of fats, favors intestinal transit and regulates the consistency of feces.

Adults and youth over 12: 3 tablets before two main meals
Children between 8 and 12 years old: 2 tablets before two main meals
Take the recommended dose with a glass of water, taking care to take one tablet at a time. Do not chew or break the tablet with your teeth.

Policaptil Gel Retard® (patented complex of polysaccharide macromolecules); Orange, Apple and Lemon aromas




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