Fotoprotector ISDIN Gel Cream Pediatrics SPF 50+, 250ml

€ 26.95 $ 27.30 R$ 146.89 £ 22.83

The ISDIN Pediatrics Gel-Cream Fotoprotector suits every inch of a child's fragile skin. Moisturizes like a cream and is quickly absorbed like a gel, spreading easily.

Its finish is silky and dull, and very resistant to water and friction. Keeps the child's skin protected thanks to its formula with biological filters (vitamin E and dexpanthenol).

Apply generously on dry skin half an hour before sun exposure. Reapply every 2 hours or after sweating, swimming or drying off with the towel.

UVA / UVB filters; Vitamin E; Dexpanthenol.




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