Fotoprotector ISDIN Fusion Fluid SPF 50+, 50ml

€ 23.50 $ 24.73 R$ 128.90 £ 20.16
50% discount on the second unit of this product from 2022-05-04 to 2022-08-31!

Fotoprotector fluid for daily use, with a very high protection, for sensitive skin.
With Fusion Fluid technology, it fuses with the skin and provides invisible protection.
With vitamin E, of antioxidant action, it avoids the formation of free radicals.
Especially indicated in photoaging, pigmentation spots and skin changes due to the sun.

Apply generously on dry skin, half an hour before sun exposure. Repeat the application every 2 hours and whenever necessary, especially after excessive sweating after swimming or drying.

Vitamin E; Hyaluronic acid; UVA / UVB filters.

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