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Elancyl Slim Design, 150 ml

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Elancyl's first global slimming oil, based on caffeine and camelin oil. The assets of this 2-in-1 treatment help eliminate fat and reduce stretch marks. This anti-cellulite and anti-stretch mark action of Elancyl Laboratories' slimming oil quickly offers a reshaped silhouette and smoothed skin.

Its patented caffeine-based formula offers two phases:

  • An aqueous phase with optimum concentrations of active ingredients to effectively promote elimination of lipids: caffeine for withdrawal; ivy that when combined with massage promotes drainage.
  • An oily phase composed specifically of Camelina oil, anti-stretch marks par excellence, which attenuates the appearance and promotes the correction of Ultra-convenient stretch marks, some sprays are sufficient.

Shake before use and apply with a circular massage on the thighs, hips and stomach.

ivy, caffeine, camellin oil, evening primrose oil




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