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Dr. Ciccarelli Sanitizing Hand Cream, 75ml

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Dr. Ciccarelli Sanitizing Hand Cream is a care that disinfects the hands, without drying the skin, helping to reduce the microbial load on the surface of the hands, and promoting an unfavorable environment for the proliferation of microorganisms. Thanks to its composition in antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti-viral actives, associated with nutritious and emollient ingredients, this is a cream that protects the skin barrier and prevents the appearance of cracks, redness, and dryness, while sanitizing the hands.

  • Octenidine Hydrochloride has antimicrobial properties.
  • Tea Tree Oil is a natural essential oil, known for its purifying, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties.
  • Betaine is a moisturizing prebiotic and a natural emollient.
  • Vitamin E protects and nourishes the skin, and also has antioxidant properties.

Apply in the hands whenever necessary.

Formulated with: Tea Tree Oil; Octenidine Hydrochloride; Betaine; Vitamin E.

Formulated without: Alcohol; Surfactants.





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