Caudalie Duo Eau de Parfum Ange des Vignes Coffret

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Contains: Caudalie Eau de Parfum Ange des Vignes (50ml); Vinotherapist™ Lip Care. 

Caudalie Eau de Parfum Ange des Vignes It is a fresh, fragrant, invigorating and light perfume, with a delicate aroma of fruity notes of grape and raspberry, combined with soft notes of neroli and enveloping patchouli, leaving the skin fragrant.

Vinotherapist™ Lip Care is a lip balm in stick format. This product offers long-lasting protection and soothes dry lips. Its consistency immediately integrates with the skin of the lips, providing hydration without leaving an oily residue. The soft scent of orange with hints of vanilla delicately perfumes the lips, ensuring protection throughout the day.

  • The Shea Butter nourishes, regenerates and repairs dry skin.
  • The Polyphenols, extracted from French grape seeds, have a high antioxidant power, blocking the action of free radicals.

Caudalie Eau de Parfum Ange des Vignes

Apply on neck, wrists and behind ears whenever desired.


Vinotherapist™ Lip Care

Apply to lips whenever you feel necessary.





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