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APIVITA Queen Bee Coffret Holistic Age Defense Cream Light Texture

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Holistic aging defense set with Greek liposome royal jelly and 12% effective natural ingredients.
The Queen Bee line helps improve the appearance of all aging signs in the most effective way. Wrinkles appear softened, facial contours appear firmer and more defined, the skin is hydrated and skin tone becomes uniform and radiant.

  • Holistic Age Defense Cream Light Texture, 50ml

        Ideal daily cream for normal to combination skin

  • Holistic Age Defense Eye Cream, 15ml

        Eye cream specially formulated for the delicate eye area that reduces wrinkles, signs of fatigue and dark circles while providing a more radiant and relaxed appearance.

Queen Bee Holistic Age Defense Cream Light Texture

Apply the cream on the face and neck, after the serum, with gentle movements until full absorption. Use in the morning and/or evening.

Holistic Age Defense Eye Cream

Apply daily, morning and evening, by following the moves of the QUEEN BEE EYE LIFTING MASSAGE in order to boost microcirculation and enhance skin firmness. Apply firm pressure on three points across the orbital bone, from the inner corner outwards, for at least 5 seconds. Using two fingers, trace a horizontal 8 around the eye area.

Holistic Age Defense Cream Light Texture: Royal jelly; Ziziphus extract; Rabdosia rubescens extract; Hyaluronic acid; Cistus extract; Rose, myrrh, frankincense essential oils; Wild rose infusion (used instead of water).

​Holistic Age Defense Eye Cream: Royal jelly; Ziziphus extract; Acacia extract; Rabdosia rubescens extract; Hyaluronic acid; Cistus extract; Myrrh and sandalwood essential oils; Wild rose infusion (used instead of water).




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