Delivery Time & Shipping


Care Lineage is a store located in Portugal (Europe) that ships worldwide. We offer three delivery options (with some exceptions): by Registered Mail through the National Mail Service, by DPD Chronopost and by Express Mail through DHL.

Please note that all shipments are made by air, which is why we do not have aerosol products available on our site (thermal waters, shaving foams, some styling products, deodorants, and some sunscreens).


Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are FREE for international orders over 90€ (the conversion of this amount to other currencies may lead to fluctuations in the minimum amount, depending on the conversion rate in effect), or 50€ for orders to Portugal.

Shipping costs are calculated according to the weight of the order and the country of destination. You will be able to obtain shipping cost information at the final step of your order, after choosing the destination country and the desired shipping method.

Please note that if you wish to change your order, address, or add more products (only possible if we have not yet shipped your order), the shipping costs may change. We do not ship to PO Boxes, and in the case of bulky or overweight orders (for example, coffrets, body care products ...), it may be necessary to evaluate the feasibility of shipping and shipping prices. If necessary, Care Lineage reserves the right to ship the products in separate boxes.

Please, note that it is not possible to change the shipping address after the order is shipped. Make sure you entered the data correctly before completing your purchase.


Delivery times

Delivery times vary depending on the destination and shipping method chosen. You can find this information on the final page of the shopping cart, after choosing the destination country.

If you choose the method of collecting the order in the store, you must wait for our contact by email to confirm that the order is ready for collection.

Certain situations may cause your order to take longer to ship - delayed shipping due to a high number of orders, incorrect/incomplete shipping address, out of stock, etc.). In this case, we will contact you by email. In the event we do not receive a response, required to validate the shipment of your order, after a certain period of time, we will cancel your order and refund your money.

Your order will be shipped when all products are available for shipment. Although we have almost every product on the site in stock, we do not always have all the quantities available. Certain products need to be ordered directly from the manufacturer, which may delay the shipment of your order.

For orders placed before 12:00 GMT, with payment confirmed and products in stock, we usually ship the order on the same day. When processed after this time, they will be dispatched only in the next business day.

Below you will find some average delivery times:

USA 5-15 working days NON-AVAILABLE 2-5 working days
EU Countries 3-9 working days 3-4 working days 1-4 working days
Other Countries 7-15 working days NON-AVAILABLE 2-7 working days
Brazil 12-20 working days NON-AVAILABLE NON-AVAILABLE
Portugal (Continent) 1 working day 1-2 working days NON-AVAILABLE
Azores and Madeira 5-7 working days NON-AVAILABLE 2-4 working days


Delivery times can be extended during periods of high flow of objects, such as during festive seasons, or in situations of withholding orders for customs inspection. Care Lineage is not responsible for longer delivery times than expected for reasons not related to us.

If you have chosen to receive your order from National Post Service and you did not receive it after the expected delivery time, we recommend you to go to the nearest post office. There are often delivery attempts, which are not communicated with proper notification in the mailbox. In this case, you must present the order tracking code and your identification document, and request information or pick up the order at the post office closest to your address. If the order is not withdrawn within the time limit, it will eventually be returned to Care Lineage. In this case, the shipping cost will not be refunded.

WARNING: The customer cannot choose a specific delivery period, as deliveries are defined by the carrier himself on his route.


Order Tracking

When your order is shipped, we will email you the code and link to track it, so you can locate it at any time. If you have not received an email informing you of your order, please check your email SPAM folder. If you have difficulty locating this email, please contact the customer support team.

CTT (Portuguese Post Service), DPD Chronopost and DHL allow you to track the course of your order from the moment it is shipped. However, if you choose to send by National Post Service, tracking availability is dependent on the destination country. Unfortunately, we have no control over this and cannot change it, so your order may not be traceable after it leaves Portugal. Thus, it is normal that only the information “International Expedition” appears, which means that it left our country.

At the time we send you the shipping confirmation email, there may not yet be any tracking code information. It may take a few hours for the order status to be visible on the tracking website.


International Shipping

The products that Care Lineage sells comply with the laws and marketing authorizations in force in Portugal. Because these marketing authorizations differ from country to country, Care Lineage is not responsible for sending products that are not authorized to be marketed in the country of destination.

If CTT (Portuguese Post Service), DPD Chronopost or DHL returns the order because there is no marketing authorization for the products ordered in the country of destination, we refund the value of the products deducted from any Portuguese customs duties applied, when the returned order arrives at our facilities.

In some countries, it may still happen that there is only the possibility of opting for the return of the products if the order is retained for inspection at customs. The return is automatically carried out and the customs cost is borne by the customer.


Taxes and fees

For non-EU countries, you may need to pay import duties and taxes (including VAT) when you receive your products.

Orders may be chosen at random to be verified by Customs. Care Lineage cannot know in advance whether this process can occur or not.

Most products are not taxed, however, upon inspection by Customs, fees may apply and order delivery may be delayed. In this case, the fees are the responsibility of the customer, and in the event of a payment decline, your order will be returned to Care Lineage.

The amount you pay to Care Lineage is for products and shipping only (if applicable), and does not include any fees and taxes. It is your responsibility to pay them directly to the carrier so that your order can be cleared through Customs.

If you have any questions about this, we recommend that you contact your local Customs Service for more information, as this varies from country to country. The customer is expected to know the import regulations of their country at the time of purchase.




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