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After all, what is hair loss?

1 February 2021

Hair loss is a physiological process that occurs daily and which integrates one of the stages of the natural hair growth cycle. But, how can we better understand this phenomenon? When does hair loss stop being normal and become a problem? What are the factors that trigger it? Is there any solutio...

COVID-19: Tips for distracted people

29 January 2021

My name is Sara and I am the perfect example of a distracted person. This is relevant because, from what I have been observing, there are two types of people who are most at risk of becoming infected with Coronavirus (apart from the obvious factors, such as the time of exposure): those w...

COVID-19: Hanging the mask

29 January 2021

As Dr. Alexandra (my mother) has already said, it no longer makes sense, after a year of pandemic, at the height of the disease, to think of the mask as a fashion accessory (you can launch a new fashion, no?). Well, so far I hope we are all in agreement. But leaving community masks does not solve...

COVID-19: Proper use of the mask on the face

29 January 2021

Let's be brief and practical and try to learn this once and for all: there is only ONE correct way to put the mask on your face. It is necessary to acquire the right size (yes, there are sizes) and adjust the wire to the nose. When in doubt, always ask those who know, do not limit yourself to...

COVID-19: Let's try to help

28 January 2021

Today, January 28, 2021, the world is a mess. This is nothing new. It is time to stop calling this situation NEW. No more "new normal", no more "new coronavirus" or even "masks are new, we haven't studied them enough". We are experiencing a different norm...

COVID-19: The present and future of the Pandemic

21 January 2021

The world is different. Today we live in a place where caution and uncertainty are breathed. Freedom gave way to fear. With fear, we prepare a future, even knowing that the present is, for each of us, a constant learning. Every day we face the unknown: we know his name and, little by little, w...




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