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Everyday Makeup Tips: FOUNDATION

Everyday Makeup Tips: FOUNDATION

8 April 2021

Achieving the ideal foundation tone is one of the biggest challenges of makeup, especially for day-to-day, which requires some velocity and sobriety.

While, for a party, I use a primer, a foundation of high coverage, and layers of powders with different shades, well combined, I always choose a lighter foundation for day-to-day, and I try to build the layers with products in cream.

Today, I share my tricks to achieve an uniform and healthy-looking skin without taking too much time!




  • The first step is always hydration. The cream is essential because, in addition to the advantages of hydration, it helps to prepare the skin for makeup (it can be the primer of everyday life). In this case, I opted for a cream for combination to oily skin, which is the most suitable for my skin type. However, it is very important that you use a face moisturizer suitable for your needs. I chose a product with sun protection because, at least, one of the makeup layers must always have UV protection (especially at this time of the year, when the sun is getting more and more intense) (image 1).
  • We must also moisturize and protect the lips and eyelashes, to prepare them for makeup or simply to keep them healthy (images 2 and 3).
  • The next step is the foundation itself (the more liquid, the more natural the look is, but some coverage should be maintained), which should be spread evenly over the face with the help of a specific brush (image 4).
  • At this stage, we have a foundation with no depth and with some areas to be covered, namely dark circles, pimples, imperfections ... The solution is to apply a slightly lighter concealer than the foundation in these areas, but that should not be placed in exaggeration, being preferable to build in layers (image 5).
  • After hiding the light areas, and in order to give the desired depth, we can now add the dark contour, which must be uniformized with a beautyblender (image 6). As I said, I chose a cream texture because it allows you to build a lighter look, maintaining the coverage effectiveness (nose, neck, forehead, and cheekbones) (image 7).
  • As the makeup has not yet been fixed, the next step is to apply a translucent powder on the oily areas of the face and on the areas of the light concealer, using the beautyblender (image 8).
  • Finally, I like to put a powder blush, to make the connection between the light and dark tones, and also because the powder ends up bringing a shine to the cheekbones (and the tip of the nose, for those who want to be more radical!) (image 9).

In image 10 you can then see the canvas ready to receive the eyes/lips makeup of your choice, to rock the day-to-day!

An important note: the order of the layers can be changed depending on the texture of the products, as long as the creams are not placed after the powders!

Try and share the final result with us!

Thank you and see you in the next tip!

Sara Moreira Ferreira




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