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Everyday Makeup Tips: EYELINER

Everyday Makeup Tips: EYELINER

25 March 2021

How many times have we wanted to apply eyeliner to look great on a bolder day, but gave up at the thought of doing it? It always comes out asymmetrical, we end up exaggerating the thickness of the line, or even blurring the whole make-up.

Today I bring you a step-by-step guide to make sure that the eyeliner comes out well the first time, without worries! All you need is an eyeliner, a black pencil, a concealer, an eyelash mask, and some paper adhesive tape. And you ask me: "Adhesive tape??". Yes, but it has to be made of paper, which does not damage the make-up or is aggressive to the skin (especially in the eye area it is necessary to be careful).

Let's go then?




  • To begin with, we put the adhesive tape in the direction of the natural line of the eye (image 1).
  • Then, mark the adhesive tape with the eyeliner, using exactly the size of the brush tip, to ensure that both sides are the same length (image 2).
  • The third step is to draw the bottom line of the eyeliner, from outside to inside, to the center of the eye (image 3). We follow up, doing the reverse process, from the inside out, in the other half of the eye (image 4). This serves to ensure a thin, stable line. Once the line is defined, simply touch up to the desired thickness.
  • At this stage, we can then remove the adhesive tape (image 5) and, if we want an even more impactful line, we can use a black pencil on the inside of the eyelid (image 6).
  • Finally, eyeliner is not an eyeliner without an eyelash mask, so this is the extra step that should definitely be done after the eyeliner is finished (image 7).

In image 8 we have then the touch-ups (we can always use concealer if it is not well defined) and the final result. This eyeliner is simple and with a short wing, but this technique works for more elaborate wings.

And an extra tip: never forget the inner corner of the eye! If that area is not well finished, it can ruin the whole look.

Try it out and share the final result with us!

Thank you and see you in the next tip!


Sara Moreira Ferreira




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