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How to boost your immune system?

How to boost your immune system?

18 March 2021

At a time when we face one of the greatest Public Health challenges on a global scale, adopting strategies that allow strengthening the immune system is a concern that has become increasingly evident in the population, triggering a growing interest in multivitamin complexes and formulations designed to enhance the body's defenses.

The immune system includes a set of mechanisms through which it is possible to keep our body protected from invading agents, such as viruses and microorganisms (bacteria, parasites, fungi ...). However, when it is vulnerable, its action may be compromised (immunosuppression), which may even lead to inflammatory processes, autoimmune diseases, or malignant neoplasms.

Along with preventive measures, such as social distance and compliance with respiratory etiquette rules, strengthening the immune system is also a very important practice in fighting infection with the new Coronavirus. Today, above all, we have this awareness and different perceptions about the functionalities of our organism and the importance of meeting its possible needs. The truth is that there is a range of products and compounds essential to the strengthening of the immune system on the market, but is it worth investing in immunostimulating dietary supplements without our body being properly prepared to take advantage of all its potential? Do we know where we should start?

Probiotics are known to be microorganisms that integrate our flora, stabilizing the intestinal mucosa. However, they are also extremely important to improve the absorption of all nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, so their intake is an adjuvant that enhances the action of all other dietary supplements. In addition, these microorganisms are capable of synthesizing vitamins (B complex and vitamin K), promoting the destruction of pathogens - through the production of bacteriocins and helping in the differentiation process of T lymphocytes -, and reducing the production of pro-inflammatory. substances As such, supplementation with probiotics can be seen as a first step towards strengthening the immune system. Biodefenses and Aquilea Probiomax are examples of dietary supplements made up of probiotics, ideal for the regularization of intestinal flora, contributing to the general improvement of the digestive process, even in individuals with difficulty in digesting macronutrients, such as proteins and lipids. Formulated with three and four strains of bacteria of the genera Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, respectively, these products are also made up of fructooligosaccharides (FOS): prebiotic fibers that favor the survival of probiotics at the intestinal level, ensuring that they reach the stage of maturity necessary to its permanence in the intestinal lumen. Thus, probiotics are not only important when taking antibiotics, in periods when gastrointestinal changes occur, or in situations of physical and emotional stress, they are also essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, with an immune system able to recognize and fight foreign agents to our organism.

Likewise, if minerals such as zinc and selenium contribute to the protection of cells against the phenomenon of oxidative stress, contributing to the normal functioning of the immune system, the truth is that vitamins C and D also play a very significant role in this scope. In this case, Advancis Vitamin C + Vitamin D stands out as an innovative dietary supplement, since it combines in its formulation a water-soluble vitamin and a fat-soluble vitamin. The presence of this set of vitamins and minerals contributes to the protection of our organism, maintaining normal skeletal and muscular functioning and reducing tiredness and fatigue, through its contribution to energy-producing metabolism. Combined with a healthy diet and adequate sun exposure, this is an excellent option to compensate for any deficits in these vitamins.

No less important is the action of flavonoids, as bioactive compounds widely studied due to their antioxidant properties. This group of the class of polyphenols provides benefits to the organism, preventing the development of innumerable inflammatory processes. Therefore, in addition to the aforementioned products, it is important to address the composition of Immunomix Plus: a dietary supplement presented in the form of capsules or in syrup and which consists of 100% ingredients of natural origin. This alternative, with promising results in the prevention of numerous diseases, is particularly recommended in the autumn and/or winter seasons when normally the immune system is weakened. It acts in the acute and preventive phases, favoring the protection of the organism against recurrent infections and improving the duration and intensity of the infectious episodes, through the immunomodulatory and antioxidant capacity of the polysaccharide fractions of mallow, echinacea, elderberry, and cat's claw, which support a rapid mucosal and systemic response.

In short, contributing to the body's first lines of defense is an essential step in ensuring our balance and protecting our well-being. To that end, understanding what our body's needs are is essential to select an adapted supplementation plan, which, of course, does not dispense advice from a health professional in order to obtain information that contributes positively to the improvement of your quality of life.

Strengthening the immune system is a daily necessity that should not be overlooked. Take care!

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Dr. Andreia Moreira




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