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Everyday Makeup Tips: LIPS

Everyday Makeup Tips: LIPS

11 March 2021

How many of us would like to have fuller lips, but are not willing (at least for now) to undergo an aesthetic intervention? Don't worry, the solution is here! Today we bring a tip to fill your lips just using makeup, in order to get that desired volume!

First of all, we should exfoliate the lips with some frequency. Not only do we remove dead cells, which makes them smoother and more uniform, but it will also make applying makeup easier. And give us another look right away!

But moving on to the tip ... A well-known technique, which you may have already tried, is to contour your lips with your own pencil. But is it enough? What color to use? Follow our step-by-step below:




  • First, we blur the foundation well on the lip, to have the ideal canvas (images 1 and 2).
  • Then, we choose a pencil color slightly darker than lipstick, but without having a great contrast, to try to keep the color above all. We must contour the lips, but try not to exceed the line of the natural contour, if it is very marked (it gives a false aspect and little care). If the natural lip line is thin, we can increase the volume even further, exceeding that line in the central area of ​​the lip (never at the extremities!) (image 3).
  • After finishing the contour, we draw an asterisk (*) on the lips, as shown in figures 4 and 5.
  • To finish, just apply the chosen lipstick all over your lip (figure 6). Lipstick can be either a stick or a gloss, it always works!

One last trick to add extra volume: put a transparent gloss over it. It is not mandatory but gives a different finish to the lips.

Try and share the final result with us!

Thank you and see you in the next tip!


Sara Moreira Ferreira




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