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Excessive sweating, a modern-day problem

Excessive sweating, a modern-day problem

13 February 2021

Is sweating a modern-day problem? Do we know how to treat it? Is this a problem that causes us trouble? Well, these were the questions that came to me when I was challenged to write about sweating. The truth is that excessive sweating affects about 500,000 Portuguese, which is a considerable number! Thus, it is possible to conclude that this issue is very contemporary, that many do not know how to treat it or, at least, appease it, and that it causes a lot of inconveniences!

Thus, I begin by explaining what hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating is. It is a benign disease that results from hyperstimulation of the sweat glands, that is, a change in the sympathetic nervous system. It is usually associated with anxiety disorders or emotional changes, being characterized by localized sweating, mainly in the armpits, palms, and feet. But it can also be a consequence of a health problem, such as hyperthyroidism, Parkinson's disease, heart disease, among others, or even be a side effect of some medication. In this case, it is already characterized by diffuse sweating, that is, more widespread. Even if it is not excessive sweating, it is in itself an unpleasant problem, as we are always thinking about how we smell and what others will think, so it should be treated.

When hyperhidrosis is still at an early stage, I recommend the use of Martiderm's Driosec Intensive roll-on. Among its ingredients, we can highlight the Aluminum and Zinc complex, which helps to control excessive sweating, Acetylsalicylic Acid, with antibacterial action and that, consequently, helps to reduce bad odor, and Matricaria, with an anti-inflammatory and calming effect. If hyperhidrosis persists, even with the use of this product, I advise you to consult your attending physician.

For those who do not have such excessive sweating, but who still want to be able to control the normal sweating of the armpits, protect them and eliminate bad odor, you can always use Martiderm's Dermoprotetor Driosec roll-on.

These products that I recommended can always be found in our pharmacy. However, due to the current situation, I advise you to order on our website, so you can stay protected!

See you soon!

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