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Foamie solid shampoos: a more conscious and sustainable option

Foamie solid shampoos: a more conscious and sustainable option

7 February 2021

Are you looking for a more sustainable option to care for your hair? Today, I present you with a solution!

The use of plastic is one of the practices that most damages the environment, compromising the survival of living beings and the quality of the soil, water, and atmosphere. The long period of decomposition of this material, combined with its indiscriminate use by the population, has been responsible for the death of countless animals that ingest and accumulate pieces of plastic in their bodies. The harmful consequences of the decisions we take have fostered a paradigm shift that is also the result of increased awareness of the importance of the role we play as consumers.  

The last decade has seen a considerable increase in demand for more sustainable options: a concern that has even become increasingly evident in the selection of cosmetic and body hygiene products. Today, brands are committed to the environment, which not only aims to reduce their ecological footprint but also to contribute to the protection of animal rights through a cruelty-free culture.

Foamie is an excellent example of a German brand that reflects these principles, materializing them in the products it markets. Solid shampoos are at the forefront of hair care and present themselves as an added value in the fight against waste. With their ingredients in their pure state and in concentrations that provide even more effective cleaning, they appear as a vegan alternative, totally free of plastic, mineral oils, silicones, and parabens.

Available in four fragrances, these solid bars clean and nourish the hair in-depth as they are formulated with a cold-pressed cosmetic detergent (Syndet), which preserves the quality of the active ingredients and ensures a pH that is suited to the physiological characteristics of the scalp.

Nevertheless, choosing the right product for our hair can be a real challenge, don't you agree? In addition to environmental awareness, Foamie also takes this into account and therefore cares about our individual needs, having different options specifically designed for each hair type.

Ideal for dry hair, solid aloe vera shampoo provides moisture to the scalp while calming skin discomfort. This action is enhanced by the presence of sweet almond oil: a constituent that intensely nourishes the hair strands and contributes to their shiny and untangled look.

With a soft and fruity fragrance, solid coconut oil shampoo is an option to consider for normal hair, as it provides lipids that strengthen the epidermis and the protective film of the scalp, defending it from external aggressions.

Thinner hair needs a special care that adds volume to the hair and strengthens the strands. As such, the solid shampoo with acai berries appears as a powerful antioxidant that concentrates in itself a set of vitamins that hydrate and soften the hair, making it stronger and healthier.

Hibiscus is an ingredient that takes care of intensely damaged hair. It restores shine and structure and also acts to control the oiliness of the scalp, thanks to the presence of nettle extract. With a floral jasmine scent, this solid shampoo with hibiscus helps repair damaged hair and prevent the appearance of split ends.

Despite the specificities that distinguish these four alternatives, all the solid shampoos have an ergonomic design that makes them easy to use and provide a gentle massage, and they have a string that allows the solid bar to hang naturally and to be used for approximately 25 washes.

Being a conscientious consumer does not imply opting for inferior quality products. On the contrary! In this case, enjoying the benefits of nature while respecting it can add a lot of value to our hair chronogram. And why? First, because solid shampoos do not contain as much water in their composition, which makes it easier to preserve the product, and then because, being composed of carefully selected ingredients of natural origin, they are in perfect harmony with even the most sensitive scalp.

Our priorities are changing. Foamie represents the ideals of those who want to contribute to a more sustainable Planet, without neglecting the importance of keeping hair clean, silky, shiny, and healthy. The future depends on our choices. There are countless possibilities. Today, we wanted to share one more with you. Foamit!


Dr. Andreia Moreira




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