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Use of mask and the appearance of skin injuries

Use of mask and the appearance of skin injuries

3 February 2021

In these pandemic times, we have to wear a mask every day. This is an accessory that we don't live without now and with we use for a prolonged time, which can lead to the appearance of skin lesions (peeling, redness, acne ...).

Recently, "Mascne" has become one of the most discussed terms in the field of dermatology. It is the acne caused by the contact of the mask with the skin, which does not breathe and ends up being irritated, giving rise to less aesthetic and annoying lesions, with itching and, often, wounds. This makes it look like we are going back in time, living the teenage years, which turns out to be unpleasant.

Therefore, I leave here my appeal so that all people who suffer from this problem do not devalue these injuries. In addition to weakening the skin barrier, they can lead to the appearance of other, more serious skin forms, such as dermatitis (skin irritation), eczema (dry, reddish, peeling skin), or even aggravate a skin problem that already been diagnosed. So, when you feel itching, irritation, injury, or even acne in the mask area, go to your pharmacy, which is your "friendly shoulder" and the front line in solving numerous problems, to clarify your doubts and be advised correctly.




Due to the current situation, in order to avoid crowds of people in the pharmacy, I leave here some suggestions that you can always acquire on our website and that are great options to improve the injuries that arise. In case of doubt, and even if you are unable to go to the pharmacy, you can always contact us by phone or email.


Dr. Carolina Espírito Santo




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