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Are you going to travel? Make your own Travel Kit!

27 July 2021

We've all gone through the desperation of putting everything and anything else in a tiny suitcase. I don't know about you, but for me, the worst part is putting my entire collection of toiletries, skincare, and make-up, which fits in an entire cabinet, in a mini bag... So today I'm go...

COVID-19: What are the differences between the tests?

15 July 2021

About a week ago, the Portuguese Government announced new measures in relation to the pandemic: the obligation to present a negative test to COVID-19 at the entrance of a restaurant or a hotel/local accommodation. For the first one, this rule applies only to high and very high-risk municipal...

Prepare your hairless Summer!

8 July 2021

With summer knocking at the door, hair removal is once again the topic of the moment. Which options are best suited for each of you? And what influence can the sun have on the whole process? We can start by identifying the most common areas: the armpits, face, and groin. These are also mo...

How to care for the skin after sun exposure?

1 July 2021

Solar radiation is extremely important to ensure the Earth's climate. Fortunately, however, part of this radiation is absorbed by the ozone layer, thus protecting us from rays such as UVC, which have a high mutagenic capacity. However, radiations such as near-ultraviolet (UVA) and medium-ultr...

Protect yourself from unseen dangers!

25 June 2021

Sun protection is increasingly valued, and thankfully it is! With so much information at our disposal and with the risks more evident, the need to protect our skin from solar radiation is greater and clearer. Currently, it is more than proven that unprotected exposure to the sun causes premature ...

Lose weight healthily? Yes, it is possible!

17 June 2021

It is usually at this time of year that the affluence to gyms increases and the demand for products that contribute to weight loss soars. Especially this season, we are bombarded by a series of advertising campaigns that dictate to us what are the characteristics of a “summer body”. N...

3, 2, 1, Goodbye Cellulite!

10 June 2021

Today we are going to talk about the eternal enemy of women: cellulite! Between 80 to 90% of Portuguese women have some degree of cellulite. Cellulite causes the unwanted "orange peel" effect, but it is not a serious medical condition and can only cause discomfort and/or aesthetic ch...

5 tips for protected and tanned skin!

3 June 2021

Last summer was just not enough! The pandemic brought us long periods of confinement and numerous restrictions that did not allow us to enjoy the sun and heat as we would have liked. The population was less exposed to solar radiation and, therefore, in recent months, the need for supplementa...

How to be sustainable in the day-to-day face routine

27 May 2021

How many times have you thought about saving the environment and end up doing less than expected? Helping can be as simple as recycling or reducing the disposable products we use on a daily basis. Is reducing disposables easy? Cereal boxes, toilet paper ... these everyday things don't...

How to protect your hair during the Summer?

20 May 2021

The arrival of summer and the consequent increase in temperature are factors that invite us to enjoy the benefits of the sun and the heat. Although sun protection is something that must be adopted during all seasons of the year, the truth is that during the bathing season there is a greater conce...

Self-tanners: how to get a uniform and effortless tan?

13 May 2021

Summer is coming, and with it comes the goal of reaching that beautiful tan of the season. Whether for a party or even just to start the holidays in a big way, the self-tanner came to help us to be at our best! But beware! It is not easy to use this miracle successfully! Today I bring you some...

How to make hand disinfection a fun gesture?

5 May 2021

Today, May 5, World Hand Hygiene Day is celebrated, a date marked by the World Health Organization. And currently, in the middle of a pandemic, hand hygiene has become a daily routine for millions of people all around the world. But does this gesture always have to be dull and felt like an obliga...




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