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Menstrual Health: Seeing the Full Side of the Cup

20 April 2023

Menstrual Health, although taboo, is a topic that should be considered in your Health, and in this publication, we will talk about the topic.   How important is Menstrual Health? The menstrual cycle, at the level of the ovary, is divided into 3 phases (follicular, ovulatory, and lut...

Choose your summer scent!

19 August 2022

Enjoying the calmer and more relaxed days: this is how the month of August is lived, allowing the height of summer to transport us to a place where we revisit and create new memories and remembrances. The truth is that the vacation period brings us time. A time that is lived more slowly, betwe...

Exam Season: the secrets to shine

7 June 2022

June is marked by the arrival of summer, a season coveted and desired by the vast majority of people, as it means the existence of weekends spent with family and friends, on a beach or in a garden close to home, enjoying the sun and long late afternoons. However, for most students at different le...

Take care of your heart health!

19 May 2022

Currently, Cardiovascular Diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide. In Portugal, it is estimated that they cause, on average, about one hundred deaths per day. However, if these numbers are still not enough to capture your attention, I provide you with a particularly recent data on this ...

Feed Your Skin!

29 April 2022

This month's article focuses on what is the largest and heaviest organ in the human body: the skin. This is because there is a growing concern regarding the adoption of a daily skincare routine, largely due to the development of digital platforms that have undoubtedly revolutionized the dermo...

Oral Hygiene: the steps to a perfect smile!

19 March 2022

Tomorrow, the 20th of March, is World Oral Health Day. As such, this month we dedicate our attention to this topic. Promoting adequate oral hygiene is a determining factor, which contributes not only to the prevention of numerous diseases that affect the oral cavity but also to general well-being...

Cold: how to combine beauty and comfort

12 February 2022

On these cold winter days, when we are tired of rain, snow, and cold, our skin also asks for help. External factors damage and weaken our body's first protective barrier, and therefore it is extremely important that we take specific care of it. Today we are going to leave here some tips and p...

How to boost your Immune System?

18 January 2022

The first month of a new year comes with it the opportunity to start over. But, to embrace new challenges and discover what future reserves to you, you need to be physically and mentally well prepared. So, taking care of your body and promoting your well-being are fundamental priorities if y...

Overeat? Know how to get around it!

19 December 2021

Christmas is synonymous with sharing, love, fraternity, and solidarity. It is also synonymous with family and friends, socializing, large dinners, and, consequently, overeating. December turns out, by nature, to be a month where more meals are eaten outside the home, where larger amounts of food ...

The best Christmas gifts ideas!

4 December 2021

And, suddenly, the most special time of the year is coming quickly… We are on our way to Christmas and the streets are starting to dress in light and color, with the sound of timeless melodies. A year ago, we thought about what Christmas 2021 would be like, because we wanted, want and need...

Blue November or Movember: For the health of men!

15 November 2021

We arrive in November, and with it comes the month of awareness of men's health. Pink October is the month that helps save many women every year, as it calls for breast revision and breast cancer prevention. In the case of Blue November, awareness lies mainly in the prevention of diseases suc...

Pink October: It's too early to be too late!

11 October 2021

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. In 2020 alone, this disease is estimated to have caused 10 million deaths. Breast cancer is one of the most prevalent types of cancer in the population. In Portugal, for example, an average of 7,000 new cases appear per year. However, global...




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